Database Manual

Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program

Section 2.1.4

Section 2.1.4 View Outline

A series of views have been developed within the database to provide easier access to information (by removing the complexity of creating joined tables when querying the database). In most cases, look-up values have been removed and replaced with their equivalent descriptions allowing direct perusal by the user. Also, the location and/or interval name(s) (as appropriate) are found in almost all the views so that they may be filtered to obtain specific results.

Note that many of the field names carried in these views will be of a simplified form and, thus, different from those in the source tables (e.g. NAME for LOC_NAME: ALTERNATE_NAME for LOC_NAME_ALT1; X_UTMNAD83 and Y_UTMNAD83 for LOC_COORD_EASTING and LOC_COORD_NORTHING; etc?).

The views are broken into categories defined by a 3-letter code (in general) following the ‘V_’. These include:








Note that additional views can be added at any time. Partner agencies should request additions or modifications to existing views as well as the creation of new views that meet their requirements.