Database Manual

Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program

Appendix G.1

G.1 Formation Assignment and Associated Calculations (Automated)

A methodology has been adopted to automatically update the formation assignment (for each INT_ID), superceding the previous manual instructions. This allows for correction within a short time period if either of the coordinates or elevation of a location has been modified. These sequence of events are implemented externally to the master database (ORMGPDB) but use the listed tables and views to accomplish much of the process (an exception being the determination of the various geologic surface elevations, refer to the following for details).

Overall control of the population and update of D_INTERVAL_FORM_ASSIGN (DIFA) D_INTERVAL_FORM_ASSIGN_FINAL (DIFAF) is controlled by


(as described in Section G.32) with a section of code defined for each of the geologic models being evaluated. Currently (as of 2021-02-11) this includes the CM2004, WB2018 and YT32011 models. Using CM2004 as an example of the geologic model being examined, the order of processing is

Each geologic model is processed in similar manner.

We now have sufficient information to calculate Specific Capacity, Transmissivity and Hydraulic Conductivity and store the results in DIFA. Refer to Section 2.4.5 for details on how this is accomplished (and the assumptions made for these calculations). This uses V_SYS_PUMP_MOE_TRANS as a source called repeatedly by the Giant System command ‘data_batch’.

At this point, the DIFAF is processed, including