Database Manual

Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program

Appendix G.32

G.32 Automated Scripts (Listing and Calling Order)

A variety of automated updates are performed against the database on a weekly basis (beginning on Saturday and ending on Sunday; note that the start times, listed subsequently, are relative to midnight Saturday.) These can be broken into the following general groups (as listed in processing order)

The following scripts are called (listed in order of processing)

This is repeated for each geologic model being evaluated (currently WB2018 and YT32011). This will have a similar naming structure as listed above.

The ASSIGNED_UNIT is then populated for each geologic model (upd_difa_au.bat).

The thicknesses for each aquifer unit for each geologic model is then determined for each interval/location using the following scripts

This is repeated for each geologic model and their associated aquifers (WB2018: ORAC, Thorncliffe and Scarborough; YT32011: ORAC, Thorncliffe, Scarborough and Channel Sands). These will have a similar naming scheme to the above.

The values of specific capacity (SC_LPMM), transmissivity (T) and hydraulic conductivity (K) can then be calculated (upd_difa_calc_tk.bat). The associated fields will be updated.

The D_INTERVAL_FORM_ASSIGN_FINAL table can be updated, including

G.32.2 Update D_LOCATION_SUMMARY (location by area)

Each partner conservation area and region is examined and the associated records have their CA_AREA_ID, REG_AREA_ID and SWP_AREA_ID fields updated in D_LOCATION_SUMMARY. This is determined using the following scripts (listed in order of processing)


Records and fields found in D_INTERVAL_SUMMARY (DIS) are now updated (in order of processing)


Records and fields found in D_LOCATION_SUMMARY (DLS) are now updated (in order of processing)


Records and fields found in D_LOCATION_GEOM (DLG) are now updated (in order of processing)

G.32.6 Miscellaneous updates

A variety of checks and updates are performed here (in a number of tables, in order of processing)

G.32.7 Update all W_GENERAL_* tables

The contents of all the W_GENERAL_* tables are removed and the tables re-populated (in order of processing)


Records are added to the D_VERSION_STATUS table capturing the status of the database. This includes:

G.32.9 Database backup (and restore)

Each of the following are processed (in turn) to backup the master database and make available the OAK_20160831_WEEKLY database. This includes

G.32.10 Miscellaneous daily updates

Each of the following is processed, in turn: