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Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program - Data Interpolation

Technical description of systems used to create spatial and temporal interpolations of environmental data.

Spatial Data

Timeseries Data

Web Data Scrapers

On a nightly basis, scheduled tasks are used to automatically download and insert new data into the ORMGP database, a process called “web scraping”. So, in addition to hydrogeologic information, the database maintains a realtime hydrometeorological dataset at the daily time scale. This means that, for the most part, information scraped below do not enter the database as they are sub-daily resolution. Rather, the higher-resolution data, including the gridded data, are maintained running Delft-FEWS on a dedicated server.

The objective is to maintain a daily hydrometeorological dataset spatially distributed over the 30,000km² ORMGP management area, going back at least a century. Data collected are “near” realtime in that they are what is reported when the scheduled task was run (the night prior). The web tools we maintain and numerical models we archive depend on this dataset.

Current data sources

Below is a list data sources used in deriving many of the interpolation products. These sources are all free and open, but come in a variety of formats.

Partners’ data

A number of our partners maintain internal databases. Attempts are being made to integrate these sources to our workflow without the need for data duplication through API setup on the partners’ end. This work is in progress and so far ties have been made to the following: