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General Information

Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program


The ORMGP has built upon an original geological interpretation of the Oak Ridges Moraine sediments undertaken during the 1990s by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC). Between 2001 and 2010, five key phases of renewed geological interpretation have led to the development of interpreted digital geological layers across different parts of the ORMGP area. The focus has been on the unconsolidated glacial sediments that, in places, can extend around 200 m in thickness. In all cases, geological layers were developed using visual interpretation of well records on three dimensional dynamic cross-sections. The five interpretive phases are linked with specific ORMGP led projects all having contributed to the current geological interpretation and understanding of the Quaternary sediments in the program study area:

For all of the above phases of geological interpretation, key aspects of the work included:

Since 2010 several Source Water Protection studies have also seen consultants incorporate changes/refinements to the ORMGP digital geological surfaces. Where appropriate, these changes are now being incorporated into an updated geological framework. In addition to the above, the geological interpretation is continually evolving. With the addition of new wells (both from the MECP as well as other consultant BHs) to the database, geological interpretations can subtly change as new wells are reviewed and additional geological picks are incorporated into the database and used in re-interpretations.

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